220 kV Line from Ernsthofen to Weißenbach, General Overhaul at Construction Section 1

The 66-year-old 220 kV overhead power line between Ernsthofen and Weißenbach got an extensive overhaul. EUROPTEN was commissioned with construction section 1.

The overhaul included the renewal of conductors (2x3x1 ZTAI/HACIN 341/109 coating) at a line length of approximately 36 km including a renewal of the existing suspension and tension string sets and the installation of a new optical fibre ground wire (AlMgSi/Stalum 143/41coating). In four sections the conductors had to be pre-stretched to 50% of their breaking force. Therefore various safety measures were taken at the pylons in advance (such as the installation of anchors) to avoid an overload of the construction. In addition, the height of nine pylons had to be increased to ensure that the necessary minimum distance to the ground was maintained. The cross arms of all pylons had to be adapted to and reconstructed for the new foundations that had to be built.

EUROPTEN completed these tasks in November 2016.

  1. START
    April 2016
  1. END
    November 2016

    Austrian Power Grid AG

    Exchange of conductors (2x3x1 ZTAI/HACIN 341/109) including string sets at a length of 36 km
    Exchange of ground wires (AlMgSi/Stalum 143/41) at a length of 36 km
    Height increase at 9 pylons
    Exchange of cross arms at 85 pylons


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