Next to the premium qualification and training of our staff our machinery is a key factor for our success. In addition to the use of conventional products we develop new, customised machines in our R & D division. A particular highlight is the motor tower car MTW 100.216 by Plasser & Theurer, which was developed and optimised according to the requirements of EUROPTEN. When developing new concepts we put a particular emphasis on work safety. A vital goal in the construction of machinery is that works can be carried out in a more economical way for the benefit of our customers. In all projects involving catenary systems we pay special attention that the train service on the adjacent track is not interrupted.


  • all-wheel trucks with loading cranes and beds, material trailers and low-bed trailers
  • state-of-the-art puller-tensioners for line assembly works of all voltage levels and line types, drum stands and reel winders, various pullers for mast operations
  • line car for installing and/or exchanging cable spacers
  • trolleys, pulley ropes, wooden scaffolds and a protective bridge developed by us for the protection of crossing objects
  • modular frame systems for fault repairs and/or for the erection of temporary masts


  • various motor tower cars, track motor vehicles and motorised platform cars
  • various road-rail pile drivers
  • road-rail truck
  • catenary wire – suspension cable exchange unit
  • complex catenary mounting train
  • trucks with loading cranes and beds, dump trucks
  • road-rail aerial work platform
  • road-rail excavator
  • pole erection machine
  • various drilling devices for works in tunnels

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