380kV Line from Dörpen West to Niederrhein

An upgrade of power grids and, in particular, of transmission grids, is crucial for the success of the energy transition. Transmission girds were not designed for the fluctuating feed-in of renewable energies. Thus, new grids are essential for the transport of renewable energies, especially from the north to the urban centres in the west and south of Germany. The line that was created for that purpose from Heede to Meppen is one of eight line sections.

EUROPTEN’s order comprised two construction sections:
Construction section 1: tower no. 1 to tower no. 35
Construction section 2a: tower no. 36 to tower no. 60
Construction section 2b: tower no. 61 to tower no. 68
Construction section 2a is interrupted by an underground cable section from tower no. 50 to tower no. 53, which was not included in EUROPTEN’s order.
Works on the line officially started in December 2017 at Dörpen substation in Heede and continued in the municipalities of Dersum and Walchum. The route of the line then passes through the municipalities of Sustrum, Niederlangen, Oberlangen and the city of Haren (Ems) and leads to the connection point in Meppen. From Dörpen West substation to the underground cable transition station the route of the line runs parallel to the 380kV line LH 14-313 of TenneT from Dörpen West to Meppen.
The construction sections 1 and 2a were completed in summer 2019 and the construction section 2b was completed in the fourth quarter of 2019.

  1. START
    December 2017
  1. END
    December 2019

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