Augsburg Railway Station Holzbachbrücke

Together with Augsburg-Oberhausen station Augsburg Railway Station is the biggest railway node in the south-western area of Bavaria and connects seven lines. The construction site is located in the eastern area of the Augsburg Nord marshalling yard close to Line 5300/Line 5302 between Stephaniestrasse railway bridge and Holzbachbrücke railway bridge.

The existing overhead line system next to the retaining wall at Holzbachbrücke and the catenary wires and transverse carrier wires were installed from 1932 to 1935. To guarantee the operational reliability of this important railway node EUROPTEN will renew and convert the overhead line system of this track section in eight construction phases.

  1. START
    February 2020
  1. END
    December 2021

    DB Netz AG

    2 in-situ concrete foundations
    64 drilled foundations
    66 masts, thereof 90% angle towers
    31 multi-track cantilevers
    4 km Re100 installation
    8 km overhead catenary conversion
    14 switches


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