The tunnel system, which has a length of 15.4 km, consists of two single-track tunnels and is built by Alp Transit Gotthard AG (ATG). ATG has commissioned ARGE CPC (Cablex, Porr, Consorcio) to provide all electrotechnical systems. PORR Suisse AG, which is a member of ARGE CPC, has commissioned Europten to carry out all electrification works. The catenary system was constructed to be suitable for an operational velocity of 250 km/h. At the connection points EUROPTEN installed a catenary system in accordance with the provisions of SFR. In the tunnel a conductor rail system of Furrer + Frei was constructed. Construction works for the electrotechnical systems was concluded by August 2019. Following this, the overhead line was erected on the open track in the area of the north portal.
The test drives with up to 275 km / h were successfully completed. SBB continued the test operation until the timetable change in December 2020.

For impressions of the work see video of Alp Transit Gotthard AG

  1. START
    July 2018
  1. END
    July 2020

    PORR Suisse AG

    Length of tunnel: 15.4 km
    Operating speed 250 km/h
    Catenary system:
    Free track: SBB (R2) catenary
    Tunnel: FF system conductor rails


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