Karlsruhe Central Station – Bashaide

The more than 170-year-old Rheinbahn between Karlsruhe and Basel is used by around 300 local, long-distance and freight trains every day. In order to guarantee a high-performance rail infrastructure, the line is being expanded and the power supply modernized.

The northernmost planning and construction phase of the major project begins at Karlsruhe Central Station. The trains run here on the existing tracks as far as the Bashaide junction. At this point the two new tracks of the new line branch off from the existing line.

The catenary system in this section dates back to the 1950s and is being modernized by EUROPTEN. The construction of the new overhead line system - designed for maximum speeds of up to 200 km / h - includes the exchange of the existing masts for new steel masts including frame pile and drilled foundations. The work for the renewal of the catenary system has been running since January 2021.

  1. START
    January 2021
  1. END
    April 2021

    DB Netz AG

    4 in-situ concrete foundations
    160 driven pile foundations
    60 drilled foundations
    223 steel masts
    0.5 km Re100 catenary
    15.5 km Re200 catenary
    31 switches
    22 km of rail power lines
    8.5 km MS cable
    3 km OSE cable
    2 new telecontrol systems


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