For us as an innovative force in this sector, research & development is a main prerequisite to generate added value for our customers.


Already in the past EUROPTEN’s research & development has hugely contributed to innovations that now are indispensable products, tools and assembly devices at construction sites and in project management.
Our experienced technicians and site managers often provide the initial impetus for new developments, such as adjustable overhead line tensionings or special retensioning systems for tunnels which are also used in third markets. Our Austropole system was developed specifically for foundations of catenary lines of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) and has been successfully in use as a standard design for more than 20 years.


By using customised assembly devices, such as cable winches, complex catenary mounting trains, motor coaches or pile driving equipment, projects can be managed faster, more efficient and, most important, in a safer way. Our concepts of initial development were often taken over and developed further by renowned manufacturers.


The integrated software tool EuropCAT is a unique feature of EUROPTEN for planning and implementing catenary projects. This software solution includes all technical and economic features of the entire project cycle from project planning, project development and project execution to final revision. At the present stage a 3D visualisation was added to the tool to improve planning security and to support project visualisations (e.g. for the public relations work of the project operator).


The Mobile Catenary Measurement System MOLMA which has been recently developed by EUROPTEN has already been approved by the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) and has been successfully used for assembly works, documentation purposes and at acceptance tests or also for stocktaking purposes.
With the protective bridge a kind of a ‘crossover track’ was developed for the assembly of overhead lines up to 380 kV for crossing objects. In the case of suitable framework conditions the usual, complicated, time-consuming and expensive scaffolding can be avoided.


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