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As an internationally recognised specialist for catenary systems and overhead power line systems we have relied on the principle of maximum quality for nearly 100 years: maximum quality in planning projects, executing construction works, managing our infrastructure, developing innovative technologies and especially in training our roughly 580 employees. For us, maximum quality means to find the best solution for every challenge.

Our list of references proves the success of our way of thinking and acting. EUROPTEN is proud of its accomplishments and its staff and will continue to rely on its comprehensive know-how, experience and flexibility and keep up reliability, values and fairness – in short: Promised. Done. EUROPTEN.

  1. 2018
    Acquisition of the Slovenian TEGRAD gradnja železnic d.o.o. in April 2018 and strengthening the catenary business unit.
  2. 2015
    Shares in EUROPTEN previously held by PORR were taken over by the Androsch Privatstiftung and Dörflinger Privatstiftung. Each of them holds 50% of the shares in European Trans Energy Beteiligungs GmbH.
    Company foundation EUROPTEN Transmission Germany GmbH, based in Berlin.
    Company foundation EUROPTEN Schweiz AG, based in Dübendorf.
    Acquisition of 65% stake in RISMANN s.r.o., based in Svidník, Slovakia, and expansion of the overhead line business.
  3. 2010
    Acquisition of ALTRASS Freileitungstechnik GmbH as a wholly-owned subsidiary of EUROPTEN in October 2010 to expand its competences.
  4. 2006
    With effect from 30 October 2006 the Overhead Lines and Catenary Systems division of VA TECH T&D was sold to European Trans Energy Beteiligungs GmbH (49 % PORR Bau GmbH, 25.5 % Androsch Private Foundation and 25.5 % Dörflinger Private Foundation).
  5. 2005
    Acquisition of the Transmission and Distribution division of the Austrian VA TECH Group by Siemens Power Transmission and Distribution.
  6. 2003
    The Planning Bureau Leipzig (PBL) started to work in January 2003 with a team of top-qualified and experienced planning engineers.
  7. 2002
    The Competence Centre for Planning Catenary Systems and Overhead Power Lines was founded in December 2002 at the Leipzig location.
  8. 2001
    Formation of a joint venture with Schneider Electric – VA TECH Schneider High Voltage GmbH. VA TECH T&D held a share of 60 % in the joint venture and took over the strategic leadership.
  9. 2000
    With effect from 1 January 2000 the acquisition of Sulzer Hydro (with the ESCHER WYSS trademark) substantially strengthened the business division for hydraulic power generation. Reorganisation of VA TECH ELIN into VA TECH HYDRO and VA TECH Transmission & Distribution.
  10. 1999
    For being known on the market as a common brand all companies of the VA TECH Group used the name VA TECH at the beginning of their company names. The official company name of ELIN Energieversorgung was changed into VA TECH ELIN GmbH & Co in September 1999.
  11. 1994
    Dissolution of Austrian Industries and foundation of two new holdings: VA Technologie AG (in short: VA TECH) and VA Stahl AG. ELIN Energieversorgung belonged to VA TECH. Initial public offering of VA Technologie AG with 51 % of its shares in May 1994.
  1. 1992
    100th anniversary of ELIN.
  2. 1989
    At the end of September 1989 but with effect from 31 December 1988 the operational activities of ELIN-Union Aktiengesellschaft were transferred to its successor companies, ELIN Energieanwendung GmbH and ELIN Energieversorgung GmbH.
  3. 1988
    ELIN -Union Aktiengesellschaft für elektrische Industrie became a subsidiary of the newly-founded Elektro- und Elektronik-Industrieholding AG.
  1. 1959
    Merger of ELIN with AEG-UNION which had incurred heavy losses. The company name was changed into ELIN-Union Aktiengesellschaft für elektrische Industrie.
  1. 1946
    The Austrian National Council passed a unanimous resolution to nationalise numerous key companies including ELIN.
  2. 1926
    ELIN was commissioned to electrify the railway line between Kufstein and Kitzbühel. Therefore ELIN Leitungsbau founded a new division for the construction of catenary systems.
  3. 1922
    The name of the company was changed into ELIN Aktiengesellschaft für Elektrische Industrie.
  4. 1920
    The Viennese Gesellschaft für elektrische Industrie was commissioned to build the railway line between Linz and Hiesendorf which was part of the first 110 kV line in Austria between Linz and Steyr. The HW (high-voltage lines for wide span systems) division was founded to carry out this first large-scale line construction order. This division was the origin of ELIN Leitungsbau.
  5. 1919
    After the Second World War Austria had no access to traditional raw materials. Due to the lack of coal and crude oil Austria intensified its use of hydropower.
  1. 1919
    After the Second World War Austria had no access to traditional raw materials. Due to the lack of coal and crude oil Austria intensified its use of hydropower.
  2. 1914-1918
    The usual range of products was replaced by military orders. A division for missiles was founded in 1914. The company supplied the Austro-Hungarian navy with three-phase motors for submarines, switchgears and switchboards.
  3. 1907
    The Gesellschaft für elektrische Industrie took over the plant of Mr. Franz Pichler. Mr. Pichler was appointed managing director for a lifelong term.
  4. 1900
    The plant of Mr. Pichler was developed into an electrical plant. The Viennese Gesellschaft für elektrische Industrie became a silent partner.
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